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This event was held last May 2th, of this year, guiders of Colombia, Fabi and Danny

made the Happy Meal event, which was held on 2 foundations, 1st FOUNDATION:


These children are on the street and are exposed to gangs offer them work as drug

The mission of the foundation is to try to take them through the word of God the

way of Truth, where they see that there are bad things and there are good things

and so must choose which path to take.

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Homemeeting in Colombia realized by guiador Ana Maria



The homemeeting was realized last Sunday, the 10th of April in City Bolivar (Antioch) by guiader Ana

Maria Arcilia and her team. They organized the leaders' reception of networks of other systems of

commercialization multilevel and of massive consumption.

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The private meeting with leaders of Yambal



The private meeting behind closed doors with leaders of Yambal. We gathered with 10 of

these leaders that is equivalent to meet with more than 600 people which are in its Down

Line. The objective is to conquer the leaders of this important multilevel network to perform

the job to the interior of its structures.

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Presentation of the MMM Community to leaders of the multileve network l Yambal.



The assistants are directors of this company and they possess a network of more than 100 persons.

The event is realized in a prestigious place of the city.

In the photos: Guiadores Anna Maria Arcila and Nestor Beleño in the Facilities of the University

Adventist of Colombia where the training event was realized.

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