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The period of keeping confirmed Mavro is limited!


Dear participants!

Now many participants are concerned about the introduction of mavro 0 % and ask to explain what is it and the purpose of introduction. Undoubtedly, it is our fault that we had not explained it from the beginning, but we try to correct this error.

So what is mavro 0% and why it was made?

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Moderators are required


We are looking for responsible, diligent, competent and conscientious participants (moderators) who are good at the System ideology and rules. The knowledge of English and Spanish is compulsory.

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Venezuelans in Colombia


Event carried out in Colombia in the city of Medellin and the capital Bogota, the day 22 of May of this year, were distributed 4,000 advertising flyers in the streets and tourist places such as the PARK OF ENVIGADO of Medellin and in the PLAZA MAYOR OF BOGOTA. We are 8 people and we distributed flyers by all parties and there was a lot of acceptance by Colombians

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