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21. How can I participate in MMM with my mobile devices?


You can use mobile devices for your convenience.

  1. To read MMM News you can use the mobile version of the site.
  2. Click on button to use mobile version of your Personal Office or follow the link https://mmmvaapp.com/

Some participants have no stable access to the computer. Besides, using computer isn’t always comfortable while we always have mobile phones with us. That’s why MMM programmers have elaborated a special mobile version of the website — it’s easy to use via smartphone (read news, testimonials etc.) and mobile application that helps to take different actions in the PO. It was created for ordinary people but not for professionals so the application is multi-functional and is easy to use.

You can can find the Mobile Application on the official website of your country.

Agreeing with all the risks, add mobile application on your smartphone desktop, according to the photo instruction.

You can register in MMM through the mobile application or pressing the button “I am a participant”, if you are registered yet. You will get the unique identificator that consists of some digits.

Go to “My Page”

Enter the tab My mobile phone numbers and press Add.

Enter the name of the mobile device and the identificator. Than it will synchronize with your PO and you can use your mobile application.



Here are the screens of mobile site and mobile Personal Office (mobile app):