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2. How to register in MMM?


If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official MMM website or by one of Guider’s.

To register in MMM you need to go to MMM-Colombia website [ colombia-mmm.net ] and click on “Registration” button in the upper right corner.




In order to register you need to provide the following data:

  1. Name — type your name (or a nickname)
  2. E-mail — enter an existing e-mail. Use the servers gmail.com or yahoo.com.
  3. Password — invent and enter your password
  4. Confirm Password — type the password again
  5. Skype — enter your skype (optional field)
  6. Invite — put down an invite of the participant who attracted you into the System (if there is any)
  7. Your Guider’s e-mail — enter your guider’s email. (Fill in this field in case you already have a Guider. Otherwise leave it empty)
  8. Your Guider’s Phone Number — specify your Guider’s phone number (Fill in this field if you already have a Guider.  Otherwise leave it empty) 
  9. How did you learn about us? — state how you learned about MMM


Enter captcha
Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that you accept it.
Press the button “Register in MMM”.




Once you have completed the required fields there will be a message appearing on your screen.

Congratulations! You have registered in the MMM Community!