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Happy Easter, dear MMM members!


As we celebrate Easter season, MMM values the virtue of these holy week. Good Friday crucifixion and Easter Sunday resurrection tradition remind us the true love of our savior. Different traditional activities the whole nation been doing including easter egg hunt and so many more. Thousand years pass by that this lenten week had happened and some meaningful changes occurs in every individuals life based on their Сhristian belief.

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PROMO: Holy Week Bonus - 40% per Month for Newly Registered Members


Every NEW member registered during the grace period of March 21 to April 3 will be able to acquire the promo Mavro-40%. From the date of providing help Mavro-40% will be frozen for 2 months. This means that for the next 2 months the growth rate of their Mavro will be 40% instead of 30%. (But Mavro-30% will also be available, participants can divide the providing amount between the Mavro-30% and Mavro-40%).

  • So, if today you contribute $1,000, in 2 months you will have Mavros for $1,960 in your account.
  • If today you contribute $10,000, in 2 months you will have Mavros for $19,600 in your account.

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MMM «EXTRA» 100% per month for doing 1 task per day


Dear participants, we are happy to inform you about the launch of a new program MMM EXTRA! By participating in this program you can increase your MAVRO growth rate from 20% up to 100% per month, by accomplishing 1 task for development of MMM in Internet.

How it works:

  • For each accomplished task you get 2,66 %  additional MAVRO growth. You can take only one task per day.
  • By accomplishing everyday tasks during the month you get 100% total MAVRO growth.
  • If you do not accomplish any task during the month, you get 20% total MAVRO growth.

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If you want to provide or get help with your bank account, not with BTC, you should write all your bank account details so that other participants can see where send the money.

If you do not fill all spaces in the form of account creation — another participant can not see where send the help and the system will block you, and you will receive this message in your PO

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DO NOT CONFIRM orders unless you make sure that the money has reached your account! Even if the amount of the money is small.

So far there have appeared a lot of frauds who trick gullible participants. They persuade participants to confirm orders immediately (they say “to save time”) but in reality they do not transfer any money at all. Most often they trick people whose order amount is small (as participants are usually more careful about large amounts:-)).

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