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DO NOT CONFIRM orders unless you make sure that the money has reached your account! Even if the amount of the money is small.

So far there have appeared a lot of frauds who trick gullible participants. They persuade participants to confirm orders immediately (they say “to save time”) but in reality they do not transfer any money at all. Most often they trick people whose order amount is small (as participants are usually more careful about large amounts:-)).

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How to write Letters of Happiness


To obtain bonus for the letter of happiness or for testimonial, it is necessary to write and to record it correctly. In another case, the moderators will not be able to approve your letters of happiness and videos.

Letters of Happiness

The letter should be contained necessarily the items specified in the requirements:

  1. Name or nickname
  2. Status (participant or manager of a certain rank)
  3. Name of the structure and country of residence
  4. The date and the sum of provided assistance
  5. The sum and the date of received assistance
  6. Your text

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